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        Will Tatam wrote:


        The issue about resources is you don't want to run 30 seperate jvms, each with their own memory allocation to run a production and live copy of an application for different 15 clients in a SasS enviornment. This would be hidious micro managment

        Okay, I have to admit that I don't totally understand your use-case then. It would be interesting to learn more about it, but in this topic it's a little besides the point perhaps


        What's important is that you obviously have a use-case that's valid for you and that it requires the way of deploying that was possible in AS 6 and before.

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          I agree with Henk also - we are using the exact same staging structure!


          I know the discussion is "closed", but i really wanna stress that migration to AS 7 will be a *huge* project for us if the "old", "wrong" deployment of various resources such as datasource, mail-services and jaas configuration inside EAR files, is discontinued. It will be like 40+ JBoss 7's that must be configured. For us, it is a huge advantage to have as much configuration done "at home" as we then control everything and have everything under version control.


          Maybe we are doing it wrong, but for me it seems that the cost of doing it right is very high. Please reconsider some kind of backwards compatibility!

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            In other news; GlassFish, one of the main representatives of everything Java EE stands for, has not that long ago added the ability to have nested resources. See e.g. Application-Scoped Resources.


            Meanwhile, JBoss AS that always had this ability has it taken away.


            One small difference between the existing JBoss AS implementation and the GlassFish one is that JBoss AS puts embedded resources in the global JNDI scope, where GlassFish scopes them per module. I would have sworn that I saw some JBoss plans once that would also add this scoping feature to JBoss, but I can't seem to find it anymore.


            IMHO, scoping per module would actually work best.

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              Actually i did last night try to deploy my WAR file to Glassfish with the glassfish-resources.xml in WEB-INF. It works. And it's simple. And i don't need the concept of an EAR.


              My "dream" is that one day i can download a stock AS distribution, build my WAR, and deploy it to AS without any need for configuration of the AS instance. I spend my day developing software, not configuring servers or looking at admin consoles.

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                It sounds absolutely great!


                I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses. For the applications I build there is one other vital piece to the puzzle, and that's the ability to choose resource files via a (configurable) jboss-app.xml. This allows one to let JBoss work wit pre-defined sets of resources depending on a startup parameter. This works amazingly well in JBoss AS 6 and before, but I'm afraid it's one of those things that even their own developers aren't really aware of.

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                  It's now final, data sources and JMS "queues" (I'm guessing destinations in general) can be deployed as part of the application or stand-alone:

                  Jaikiran wrote:


                  The datasource file is expected to end with the -ds.xml suffix, like in previous JBoss AS releases. You can place the *-ds.xml file in the JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments folder or even package it in the application under the META-INF folder of the application. If it's a .war application, then the *-ds.xml is expected to be right under the WEB-INF folder of the .war.

                  See: http://planet.jboss.org/post/jboss_as_7_1_0_final_thunder_released_java_ee_6_full_profile_certified


                  This is really great! Thanks to both the JBoss developers for implementing this and to all the community members that fought so hard to get this feature back in.


                  For me personally, I still need something akin to jboss-app.xml, so I can parameterize via an environment variable which data source is actually going to be used:





                  With this I can start up JBoss with e.g. -Dapp.stage=beta. Works absolutely great on JBoss AS 5 and 6. Is there anything like this on AS 7?

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                    Great to hear both these items have been sorted. It will make our migration to AS7 so much easier. Thanks to everyone that helped code this or push this feature request though

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                      Dont know if this is old news, but Jesper Pedersen CLI archive suggestion is finally available in nighty build of 7.2.x!!!




                      So now we can setup everything at deploy-time, not limited to data sources and message queues :-)


                      Killer-feature if you ask me!

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