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    OSGI Configuration changes via Config Admin Service

    Ed Roberts Newbie

      I want to prove that I can use the Configuration Admin Service to effect configuration changes on an active OSGI Service.

      I created a HelloService example, using the quickstarts and the org.osi.service.cm.ManagedService javadoc,

      which says that if I also register my service under the ManagedService interface, I should get told about any changes to the configuration.


      I notice that I only get told about the configuration on startup of my service, but not if I edit them while it is enabled.

      Is the update(Dictionary properties) method not called on a ManagedService instance when the values change during the life of the service?


      If I was to deploy my OSGI service in a domain setup, will the property changes automatically get replicated across to the managed nodes in the domain ?


      Thanks for any help