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    How to register domain-specific processes in designer


      I can't get Eclipse to display my custom process definition in the palette, even after restarting Eclipse.  I followed the documentation instructions as follows: I created a META-INF directory, put a work definitions file in there and added a drools.rulebase.conf file that points to the work definitions.  I also added an icons directory in the resources dir and made sure my process def used one of those icons. The classpath already points to the directory containing the META-INF directory.


      Yet the designer doesn't show anything new.  The documentation makes it seem like the designer will automatically find this new def and display it.  How do I nudge it along? 

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          got it to show up, but I did several things so not sure which one did it...

          1) renamed my work item descriptions file to end with .wid instead of .conf.

          2) created a new flow diagram which created a file ending with .rf, when this opened in the designer, my domain specific process was in the palette

          3) closed the .rf file and went back to my already opened .bpmn file, the new process was not there

          4) closed the bpmn file and reopened it, now the new process icon shows up

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            Another step that helps is to do a Build All.  Maybe the writers of the documents assumed everyone turns on auto-build.  That seems like the most consistent way to get an update to show.


            However, though your icons may show up in the palette, when you create an instance in your workflow, you might get a little red square instead of your icon.  The only way I've found to fix that is to close the project and exit Eclipse.  Upon restart and reopening the project, when you open the bpmn file... voila, the red square is gone and the correct icon is shown.