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    Clarification on Portal Layouts

    Shannon Sumner Newbie

      Hello all,

      There is a song from the Welcome to Pooh Corner that has the following stanza:

      “So every time you seek a prize that seems too hard to win, the hardest part is how to start, so stop worrying and just begin.”

      Well I am having a hard time starting with GateIn.  I have been tasked to create an intranet portal for my company with the following layout:


      Screen Shot 2012-03-02 at 10.17.38 AM.PNG


      From my understanding after reading the GateIn developers documentation, I need to create custom portlets for the search box, the top nav, the logo, the welcome text, the left nav, and the footer.  I then need to create a custom portal with a modified portal.xml resembling the following.






      <label>My Portal</label>

      <description>My Awesome Portal</description>
























              <page-body> </page-body>






      I’m guessing I can’t add the footer portlet to the portal.xml because of the need for it to follow the page content. I’ll have to add it to each page I create.


      Am I on the right path?  I’d hate to invest time into this and find I’ve taken a wrong turn.  Also if anyone else has done something like this and has tips for me – I’d greatly appreciate them.  This project requires something more than just modifying the default skin that comes with GateIn.


      Thanks in advance,