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    Modeshape JSonRestClient: boolean useVersioning not used ?

    Akram Ben Aissi Newbie

      Hi modeshapers again,


      I am trying to use the modeshaphe rest client to add node an set them versionable (mix:versionable property on each node).


      I am a bit disappointed to see that even when calling the following method:

      public Status publish( Workspace workspace, String path,      File file,    boolean useVersioning );


      with last argument to "true", the node is created but with the required type, that is to say, that it does not contain the following mixinTypes.

      jcr:mixinTypes": [ "mix:versionable" ]


      By having a look at the code, and mainly the FolderNode class, I can't see where this boolean is passed as property to the service.


      Can anyone (Randal ) help ?