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    AS 7.1.0_final: JMX Remote exposed by the data interface


      Hi all


      according to this discussion https://community.jboss.org/thread/196236

      JMX remote in the domain mode is exposed via the remoting connector of the AS (secured by means of the ApplicationRealm)



      In domain mode the remote access to JMX is exposed over the remoting connector of that AS instance which is mapped to the 'remoting' socket binding which by default starts at 4447 plus any offset.  As this is using the remoting connector of the AS instance the user you use to connect needs to be a user from the ApplicationRealm.


      I'm just wondering why there are two different approaches for the standalone mode (where JMX Remote can be done using the management interface (and management security configuration)) and for the domain mode?

      And why for the domain mode JMX Remote cannot be done by means of the management interface and management security configuration?



      Thanks for your help


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          The reason for the two different approaches relates to what processes are actually running what in the two modes.


          When working with Remoting you create something called an Endpoint and register your services with that endpoint e.g. we register a JMX service.  That endpoint then has one or more associated connectors for the inbound communications and those are secured by a realm.


          Within standalone mode there is a single Java process running everything, we have two different Remoting endpoints one for management services and one for applications, each endpoint has a single connector each with a different realm so we associate the JMX service with the management endpoint which has a connector with the management realm.  Within standalone it is easy to switch this to the application endpoint if you want.


          In domain mode however we have multiple java processes so this is where it gets slightly more complex (ignoring a couple of processes not related to this discussion) we have one process that is the host controller, it is that process that exposes the management interfaces and that process then starts child processes one for each AS instance.  AS instances themselves do not expose a management interface only the application endpoint is exposed, JMX is made available on the AS instances so it is assigned with the only available endpoint which is the application endpoint.


          One issue that I am considering is the following: -




          However I think I would need to convince some of my colleagues first - the idea here is that JMX clients could connect to the management interface on the host controller process which would proxy the JMX requests to the AS instances - internally we do already have the connection available that could potentially be used for this but due to the critical nature of the host controller additional functionality that is not needed is not always a good idea.  Getting some votes on the jira issue would help us to assess if there is demand for this to be considered further.

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            Ok, thanks for your quick response. your answer makes it totally clear. Sorry to bother you and asking.

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              Sorry to bother you and asking.


              You're welcome and no bother in asking at all - if anyone else has the same question they should now be able to find this thread.