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    Social Media has a JSR

    Dan Allen Master

      JSR 357: Social Media API, led by Werner Keil, has been kicked off. This specification aims to provide an API for accessing social information networks, both public (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, Yammer,...) and corporate (e.g. within the Enterprise or Institution)


      The primary API will build upon standards and formats specified by OpenSocial 2.0 or other relevant technologies defined by standard organizations and leading social networks.


      Fittingly, for the latest news about this JSR, you can follow Java_Social on Twitter.


      Of note to JBoss, JBoss Community member Antoine Sabot-Durand is participating as an expert group member.


      Seeing that Twitter is now on the JCP EC, I would expect that they will participate in this JSR as well. It would be nice to see Google participate and *cough* actually provide an API to their social network.