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Storage space and jboss7

lukas lukasz Newbie

I work in virtual machine and os linux ubuntu


I have got 7 GB free disc space . And when i work with j2ee projec and rebuild and redeploy my project i have got error in linux that i  have got only 300 mb free space on disk ...

but i do not download nothing ...


so i check my dir where i have got jboss as7 (usr/local/jboss7 ) check properties and there is:



Content: 4792 items, totalling 6.0 GB so wtf jboss as 7 do not delete tmp dir ??



I am use mavent in my project and i use only command mvn clean , mvn package and mvn jboss-as:undeploy , mvn jboss-as:deploy ??

so its strange if i will work with jboss few days his installation dir will have got 600 GB


there is a folder

/usr/local/jboss7/standalone/data/content and he have got 5.4 GB ?? I am undeploy my project and manualy delete file from this dir and its ok but its so strange that command mvn jboss-as:undeploy do not delete tmp file from this dir :/