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Scientificlinux 6 appliance - appl file help

Petter Olsson Newbie

Hi guys,


I have created a couple of SL6.x appliances running on EC2 and it seems to work as intended in the sense that there is an image created. The problem seems to be that most parts of my appl file is ignored. Here is what I have (Just a modified copy of the example file from the website):



name: sl6-basic

summary: Just Enough Operating System based on Scientificlinux 6


  name: sl

  version: 6

  password: secret




      size: 5

      type: ext4


      size: 200

      type: ext4


  - @core

  - curl

  - vim

  - vim-enhanced

  - vile-common

  - epel-release

  - openvpn

  - openssh-clients

  - unzip



This seems like a very uncomplicated file to me but for some reason neither the / partition of 5GB is created (Instead I get one that is 200GB) and none of the packages listed get's installed. I also noticed that if I pust load on a server created using this appl file there is nothing showing with the top command?!? I have a feeling there are things happening here I do not understand ;-) Any feedback is appreciated.