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    AS 7 Maven Plugin

    lholmquist Newbie

      I've been using Forge Beta 1(? maybe 2) for a while to deploy my applications to AS 7.  it basically just copies my war file to the deploy directory and my front end would be updated without loosing any of my session info.  and if i used the --triggerDeploy option,  i would get a full redeploy.


      I want to move to the AS 7 maven plugin.  i believe this is what the 1.0.0.Final version of forge uses  also, to deploy my apps.  Since the plugin doesn't actually copy to the deploy directory and set a .deploy file,  is there a way to do what i was describing above?


      At the moment my front end is just html and javascript and using seam 3 remoting for calls to the server.