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    Jbpm and openJPA

    malabalu Newbie

      We are trying to use openJPA fo rpersistence along with Spring . We ran into coupel of issues with SessionInfo, WorkItemInfo classes and a query in JBPorm.xml file.

      We had to change the Id generation for the above 2 classes into Sequence as below


      strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator="sessionInfoIdSeq"...It was originally havifn AUTO but with geenrator as sessionInfoIdSeq...which prevented htese classes from enhanced.



      Also once cross these problems, I ran into a query defined in JBPOrm.xml with ":"  in it which is not suitable for JPA  and also a field eventype reference which it complains that not found .So I had to include a orm.xml in my classpath and override the query as below.


      <named-native-query name="ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent" result-set-mapping="ProcessInstancesWaitingForEvent.mapping">


          select distinct



            ProcessInstanceInfo p


            EventTypes e on p.InstanceId=e.InstanceId





      Did anybody come across similar problems.Are my solutions right?



      Also finally I am running into a problem if I include the plugin in my pom.xml to enhance, it complains as below


      MetaDataFactory could not be configured (conf.newMetaDataFactoryInstance(

      ) returned null). This might mean that no configuration properties were found. E

      nsure that you have a META-INF/persistence.xml file, that it is available in you

      r classpath, or that the properties file you are using for configuration is avai

      lable. If you are using Ant, please see the <properties> or <propertiesFile> att

      ributes of the task's nested <config> element. This can also occur if your OpenJ

      PA distribution jars are corrupt, or if your security policy is overly strict.


      Any help will be appreciated.