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    Best Practice for Hot Deploy in JBoss AS 7 for JSF 2 + CDI + EJB 3.1 + JPA + Maven Project


      Hi all..

      I'm using JBoss Tools Beta in Indigo Service Release 2 as displaying in attachment below:


      I have been searching about this but only found thread that explain hot-deployment on as 6 here. It's doesn't work because maybe i'm using JBoss AS 7.1.1.


      My pom.xml is described here. However I had to try jboss-as-maven-plugin but not very happy with it because I still need to call jboss-as:redeploy (or whatever maven commands to ask jboss redeploying). I'm looking for "save and refresh browser" as someone also got this worked in as 6. Is this possible? or at least only for JSF files? Any idea?





      PS: I also try to use " right click project" -> "run as" -> "run on server" -> "<add to jboss as 7>" but still doesn't enabling hot deployment.