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    What RichFaces4 supports ?!


      Hi every Body,


      I'm working now on a web application using JSF 2.0 (MyFaces) and RichFaces4, and i wanna know if RichFaces4 supports :


      1) Mobile componenents as it's the case for PrimeFaces.

      2) Charts components (Graphs).

      3) Reporting components (In order to generate PDF, Word, Excel ... files).



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          1) RichFaces doesn't have special component set for mobile applications. However, all existing components are ready for mobile apps. For more information, see https://community.jboss.org/wiki/GettingStartedWithMobileRichFaces


          2) Unfortunately, RichFaces doesn't have chart components. However, you can use either JFreeChart or any JavaScript chart library, e.g. flot.


          3) You can use Seam Reports module (http://seamframework.org/Seam3/ReportsModule).




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            Hi Pavol & thank you so much for your reply  


            Now i'm really confused, i've made some researchs on the best open source java charting library then i found there's two famous libraries most used in java community developpers which are : JFreeChart & Charts4J. The question is which one should i use (knowing that's the first time i use this type of libraries) ?! is there any benchmark between the most used java charting APIs ( i.e : weblink ) ?!


            Moreover, i didn't have the chance to use Seam Framework, so i don't know what's the difference between using the Seam Reports Module and using a Reportng Tool (e.g : JasperReports) ?!


            Thanks again.

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              In the past JFreeChart has been difficult to use in a web application because you had to generate the graphic image file to a dynamic location and then pass that location to the web page. However, a4j:mediaOutput solves that problem and makes using JFreeCharts very straight forward in a web environment.