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    [GSOC] Interested in participating




      First of all I'm sorry for posting here, if it's not the place to do it, but I didn't find any other mailing list or way to get in contact with mentors (I tried sending this message using the messaging system, but I haven't received any replies in 3 days, so here I am...


      My name is Cosmin Stefan-Dobrin and I am a student at the Politechnics University of Bucharest, Computer Science faculty. I am an extremely passionate programmer (and soon-to-be engineer), who's always interested in the latest technologies and latest trends in IT development. I am interested in applying for Google Summer Of Code 2012, and the projects proposed by JBoss are extremely interesting. I am a very fast learner and I have quite a lot of experience in Java, C/C++, HTML, CSS, JS, Google AppEngine (and many more, as an IT almost-graduate) and using svn/git as I've worked on numerous projects at the university and on my spare time (one of the biggest projects I've recently worked on is www.feedrz.com[1], which is only at its beginnings and which I have developed with a friend, during the free time).


      I am interested in working on a project of JBoss during the GSOC. One of the proposed tasks (Simple Certificate Management System)  has particularly caught my attention, altough it's not the only JBoss or PicketLink project that caught my attention. Anyway, I would like to know what should I do next (in the following days), to get better connected to the project? And, I am going to ask pretty straight and honest, how important is this project for JBoss (as I know only some of the projects will be selected in the end and there are a lot of proposals)? I saw that JBoss applied with multiple projects, and I am not sure if some are more important than others or are needed more quickly...


      Also, I have a question regarding what is needed for the Certificate Management System, to make sure I've understood the task correctly. So, the task is to convert the current solution (which is using Java certificate store) to a new one (designed specially for this project)? Can you please give me some more details, if it's possible?


      I have to admit that I didn't know much about the JBoss projects until recently, but they have definitely caught my attention and I would like to get more involved (no matter of my selection to the GSOC program). As I really like what you are doing here, I am really interested in helping the projects.


      [1] - www.feedrz.com


      Thank you and have a wonderful day,