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How to manage a distribute transaction between 2 Session Beans

Steven Zoster Newbie

Hi all,


I have 2 Session Beans which are deployed in 2 JBoss.

Well, each SessionBean calls an EntityBean inside to insert some data in a table.

The situation is the following:


JBoss1 -> ( SessionBean 1 calls EntityBean 1 to insert data in Database 1)


JBoss2 -> ( SessionBean 2 calls EntityBean 2 to insert data in Database 2)


Well, from JBoss1 I must call a Servlet which calls the SessionBean1 and the SessionBean2.

My purpose is to call SessionBean1 and SessionBean2 in ONE and UNIQUE Transaction.


The situation is the following:



               Servlet (deployed in JBoss1) --> | calls SessionBean1 ( deployed in JBoss1)


                                                              | calls SessionBean2 ( deployed in JBoss2)



The question is : How Could I propagate the Transaction from JBoss1 and JBoss2 ?

Any suggestion ?