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    Unproxyable class: superclasses also need no-arg constructor?

    Richard DiCroce Novice

      I'm getting this exception, slightly anonymized:

      org.jboss.weld.exceptions.UnproxyableResolutionException: WELD-001435 Normal scoped bean class X is not proxyable because it has no no-args constructor - Managed Bean [class Y] with qualifiers [@Any @Default].


      Class Y is under my control, and it extends class X, which I can't modify. I can understand why Weld requires class Y to have a no-arg constructor, and I've provided one accordingly. But why does class X, which class Y extends, need a no-arg constructor?


      I've looked around, but nobody seems to have a solution to this problem. The closest I've come to finding one is this forum thread from last year, where someone else had the exact same problem, but there are no helpful replies. I've also looked at the Weld docs and tried the suggestions listed there for fixing the problem, none of which work. Any ideas?