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How to test a WAR that redirects all GET request?

Takayuki Konishi Newbie

Hi forks,


I'm trying to test OpemAM with Arquillian in EAP 5.1.2 just out of interest.

Test code: [1]


The problem is OpemAM seem to redirect all request, so arquillian test request [2] is redirected [3] and the test turns to error.

When I modified web.xml of OpenAM, the test is succeeded but I don't think modifying one of test target is a good way.


This test is just out of interest but would be important when adopting Arquillian to existing project.

How should I avoid the redirect?


Attached file: this test project except for openam_954.war.




public class EmailValidatorTest {

    public static WebArchive createDeployment() {
        return ShrinkWrap.create(ZipImporter.class, "openam_954_test.war")
                .importFrom(new File("sample/openam_954.war"))

    public void validateShouldValidateAddress() throws Exception {
        EmailValidator ev = new EmailValidator();



GET /openam_954_test/ArquillianServletRunner?outputMode=serializedObject&className=org.arquillian.example.EmailValidatorTest&methodName=validateShouldValidateAddress



302 Moved Temporarily