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    How to manage all the requests?

    fpalma Newbie

      Hi all!


      I'm starting to develop a new webapplication (a new Maven project with the Artifact Id: maven-archetype-webbapp), and I want to know what is the best way to manage all the requests. I have an example of servlet, but this servlet creates a html file inside the java code. I know that if I use another tecnologies (by example spring) I can make reference to an jsp file from the servlet, and pass to this file the parameters with data. How can I do this without spring and using JBoss as 7?


      On the other hand, I have seen other examples where there aren't any servlet. To pas from a web page to another the link calls direcly the file ("/users.xhtml" for example). I think that the best way is to use servlets by I don't have experience, so which is the usual way of doing it?


      Thank you very much