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    Tweaking memory in JBOSS

    André Borgeld Newbie

      Dear JBoss users,




      I have a question. I'm using a planon server and the memory is increasing almost the max of the server, 2 gig.

      A way is to put more memory in the server is one thing, but when i read the documentation i see the following article about "preventing memory for list"


      When the user tries to retrieve a huge list of records, the memory usage

      sometimes reaches so high that the application stops responding.


      You can prevent this by setting the JVM parameter in



      D:\Program Files\Planon\PlanonEE201012\Server\jboss-4.2.3.GA\tanuki\conf\jboss-wrapper-default.conf


      In the Java Additional Parameters section, add the JVM parameter as

      "-DMaximumMemoryUsageLimitForLists= <number>"





      stands for a numeric value, for example, 90%. When the

      memory usage reaches 90%, the system takes prevention measures.



      If the memory utilization is equal to or greater than the set value, it

      checks if the


      is set. If the

      GC parameter is not set, an error message is displayed.



      When i see this file i don't see these settings at al in the config file. I only see:

      # Java Classpath (include wrapper.jar)  Add class path elements as
      #  needed starting from 1


      Can i just place the GC param line and the -D MaximumMem line in the file if i want to tune the memory?

      Thanks for your answer.

      Kind regards,