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How: a4j:support without AjaxRequest - Help me

nt2005 Newbie

Hello Community,


I have the following:


<rich:dataTable var="process" ...
    <a4j:support event="onmouseover" onsubmit="updateToolTipInfo('#{process.state}')" />                    
    <a4j:support event="onmouseover" onsubmit="updateToolTipInfo('#{process.time}')" />                    

It works great for me, to edit the tooltip and show him. But each mouseover send an ajaxrequest but I don´t need one!


Rendered the column gets an onmouseover event like:

onmouseover"updateToolTipInfo('Delete');;A4J.AJAX.Submit('j_id61',event,{'similarityGroupingId':'j_id61:......} )"

But I don´t need the A4J.AJAX.Submit... i just need the first functioncall.


Anyone have an idea?