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    custom JSESSION cookie name, is this supported?

    Aaron Bell Newbie

      It's possible to use a cookie name other than JSESSIONID, as described in this article:




      An individual Tomcat can set its own cookie name.


      1. Is there support in mod_cluster to use a custom cookie name like this, e.g. FOOSESSIONID?




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          Paul Ferraro Master

          Yes, but there is some work involved.

          Within the container-spi module is the relevant method: org.jboss.modcluster.container.Engine.getSessionCookieName().

          You'll need to create a custom Engine and EngineFactory implementation and indicate the location of your EngineFactory within a file that can be found by the service loader.



          public class CustomEngine extends TomcatEngine { // You'll want to override the impl you currently use

              public CustomEngine(CatalinaFactoryRegistry registry, Engine engine, Server server) {

                  super(registry, engine, server);




              public String getSessionCookieName() {

                  return "FOOSESSIONID";




          public class CustomEngineFactory implements EngineFactory {


              public Engine createEngine(CatalinaFactoryRegistry registry, org.apache.catalina.Engine engine, Server server) {

                  return new CustomEngine(registry, engine, server);




          Then bundle this class with a META-INF/services/org.jboss.modcluster.container.catalina.EngineFactory file that indicates the fully qualified class name of your CustomEngineFactory class.


          That should do it.

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            Edwin Babadaglian Newbie

            Does this apply on a per 'LBGroup' basis? In other words, can each registered LBGroup declare its own distinct session cookie name or do all LBGroups have to employ the same name?




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              Jean-Frederic Clere Master

              That could make sense to open a JIRA. jbossweb uses org.apache.catalina.JSESSIONID/jsessionid to set a different value, we should do the same.

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                Paul Ferraro Master

                Actually, the mod_cluster-container-jbossweb and mod_cluster-container-tomcat6 modules already obtain the session cookie/paramater name from this system property (see the Engine.getSessionCookieName() and getSessionParameterName() methods).  The mod_cluster-container-tomcat7 module does not (and instead always uses a constant value).  Tomcat 7 allows this to be overridden per web application context - which is not compatible with mod_cluster since we send this value to the load balancer for all web apps (i.e. per Engine) - not per web app.