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    jbpm bpmn vs jbpm bpel




      I am a newbie into jbpm. Currently I am working on the workflow creation.


      We are planning to use JBPM BPEL.But in Jbpm BPEL there is no human task management and Drools integeration is supported. But we can acheive that in Jbpm BPMN Processes.Is there any way to acheive the human task management and Drools integeration in JBPM BPEL? If so can you please explain?


      In JBPM BPEL there is no rich admin console like Websphere Process Server. Is there any war file I need to deploy for the rich UI or how I can view my individual process instances and abort or pause etc.


      Waiting for the replies very eagerly

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          Hi Mohamed,

          Which version of jBPM do you want to use?

          If you choose to use jBPM5 you can only use BPMN at the moment and it will allow you to manage human tasks and have a very cool Drools integration.

          If you are planning to use jBPM3 and BPEL.. you cannot use BPMN and you will need to use jPDL or BPEL, not sure if the BPEL language will allow you to do too much.


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            Hi Salatino,


            Thanks for the immediate reply.I still have a confusion between jbpm BPMN and jbpm BPEL. Is there is any possibility to acheive human task and drools integeration in jbpm BPEL by installing any 3rd party plugins or jar files?. Because I already worked in IBM Websphere Integeration Developer which is based on BPEL which will provide human task inbuilt.


            If human task integeration is not possible then is it possible to design human task related processes in BPMN and invoking that process from the Jbpm BPEL? Will BPEL provide that option? And also by seeing the admin console of BPEL it seems like it is very simple.If we want to see more information about processes like abort process etc then is that possible?



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              If your defining business processes in BPMN you don't need BPEL.

              You have the ability to define BPMN activities within a BPMN process that are human-centric and though jBPM5 an interface with WS Human Task Services.


              Cheers, Steve.