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HTTPD mod_cluster 1.2 ProxyPass does not work

Pavel Orehov Newbie



I'm using mod_cluster 1.2 from JBoss repository and AS7 - load balancing works great.


Now, I would like to handle all static content on HTTPD without going to JBoss peers.

So, I added "ProxyPass /myapp/static/ !" but when trying to access http://host:6666/myapp I get error in error_log "File does not exist: /opt/jboss".

I executed httpd/sbin/installhome.sh after unpacked the HTTPD to another location than /opt/jboss and I'm not sure why HTTPD is trying to look for files under /opt/jboss ? I thought that this is something controller by ServerRoot directive.


My httpd.conf



ServerRoot "/myuser/httpd/httpd"


Listen 6667


<IfModule manager_module>

  Listen *:6666

  ManagerBalancerName pncluster

  <VirtualHost *:6666>

    <Location />

     Order deny,allow

     Deny from all

     Allow from all



    KeepAliveTimeout 300

    MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

    AdvertiseFrequency 5


    AdvertiseSecurityKey secret


    ProxyPass /myapp/static/images/ !


    <Location /mod_cluster_manager>

       SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

       Order deny,allow

       Deny from all

       Allow from all