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Named caches in JBoss AS7

rang s Newbie



Could some one tell me why there are mulitple caches within web and ejb. I found a link for the need of having multiple caches in Hibernate but not for web and ejb.


The cache-container "web"   has :-

     1.)replicated-cache name="repl"

     2.)replicated-cache name="sso"

     3.)distributed-cache name="dist"


cache-container name="ejb" has

     1.)replicated-cache name="repl"

     2.)replicated-cache name="remote-connector-client-mappings"

     3.)distributed-cache name="dist"


Could someone please explain to me the need of the above and what each of them do?

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    rang s Newbie

    no responses? :-(


    Just wanted to know if each of the caches are required in the case of web and ejb ? I read that default-cache ="repl" value is returned when getCache() is called. Just want to confirm if the other named caches are also used or not .


    Thanks !

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    Galder Zamarreño Master

    Well, they're used for internal purpouses, i.e. 'sso' is used to replicated single sign on information to provide clustered single sign on.


    You should not be using these containers for your own application. These are there for internal usage, so do not modify their config.


    If you want your own cache container, see https://docs.jboss.org/author/x/JwBo