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    help! how to continue the process after server restarted

    Zhe Lee Newbie

      hi all,


      i am a fresh man of using the jbpm5.1


      all works well if i didn't restart my TaskServer and Jboss


      but i just found that when i use a human task in a process just like


      humantask A -> humantask B -> humantask C


      if i didn't restarted my process

      1. complete the task A

      2. it go to task B correctly

      3. ....


      if i make these as below:


      1. start the task A

      2. restarted jboss and task client

      3. i can see the task is " in process "

      4. complete task A

      5. and then it cannot go to the task B , it just finished without any exception


      but i loss my process , it cannot go to the next step


      i try to load my ksession as


      private static StatefulKnowledgeSession ksession = JPAKnowledgeService

                                    .loadStatefulKnowledgeSession(10, kbase, null, env);


      but it didn't make any help


      if the server is not restarted , the process works all well , but if i restarted it , it will stop as a status " complete " at the point where it is , and didn't go to the next


      anyone can help to give some advices for this ?


      i will really appreciate it