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JBoss ESB 4.11 Released

Tom Cunningham Master

I'm happy to announce the release of JBoss ESB 4.11, now available for download at our project site.       The major features of this release are as follows :


- a streaming aggregator which represents a large performance improvement in processing large files

- ability to intercept the action pipeline at service instantiation, service start, service stop, and service failure

- a BPM5Processor action to support starting, signalling, and aborting jBPM 5 processes

- a RecordRoute filter

- support for aggregation with the Smooks fragment router

- juddi 3.1.3

- scout 1.2.6

- Smooks 1.4.2


and numerous bug fixes.


The project site is updated with binaries and documentation.    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release for your hard work!




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    Tom Cunningham Master

    An addendum :


    The artifacts uploaded on the 10th had an issue with install onto jboss-as-6.0.0.Final and jboss-as-6.1.0.Final - there was a missing file (esb-juddi-orm-as6_1.xml).       I've fixed this and reloaded the artifacts.      If you saw this issue and it was preventing you from installing onto AS6, try downloading the current artifacts and re-try your install.


    Sorry for any inconvenience this error may have caused.