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    any way to create Cache using remotecachemanger on a remote server?

    venkataratnam teki Newbie



      I am trying to setup a replicated cache set up on 2 different servers.


      Node1 and Node2 are 2 physical servers on which hotrod server is running.


      My intention is to create some caches on node1/node2 from a remote client (Node3).


      On Node3,

      I am trying to do the following..


      RemoteCacheManager rm = new RemoteCacheManager ("node1ip4address", portNumber);

      rm.getCache("namedcache1"); ----> this method's javadoc says,



          * Retrieves a named cache from the remote server if the cache has been

          * defined, otherwise if the cache name is underfined, it will return null.



      Is there a way i can create cache on remote node?




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