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    Domain deployment slow

    Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

      Hi, I have a scenario where we have several servers in Amazon, and a Domain manager locally.  When uploading an app to the Domain manager, that happens in a matter of seconds.  However, when I perform the operation to add the app to the Server Group, which uploads the app to the hosts in the cluster it is VERY slow, about 15 mins for a 40 meg file.  While I recognize that JBoss has no way to affect the underlying network, it is of note that other protocols can upload to those servers much faster.  For example Filezilla can upload the same file in about 1 min.  We have also noticed that secure protocols, such as SCP, are slower. 


      Does the deployment protocol utilize a security layer that could be disabled?  I have ensured that the management interfaces are not using a security realm, though I think that is only for authentication.  Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to improve domain deployment speeds?  (note that placing the domain manager on a local network was an attempt to improve the situation, which it did, but only marginally).


      Unfortunately, for development, a 15 min turnaround to deploy the app is too much of a burden, so in the meantime we are going to revert to managing our own cluster with the servers running in standalone mode & using filezilla, or an alternative mechanism, to upload the app.


      thanks for any suggestions, Mitchell

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