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    Data to be sent from a4j:form to rich:modalPanel

    jboss noob Newbie

      I have created a form which has a text field. When I enter a value in the text field and click on the search button next to the text field, a rich:modalpanel pops up.


      I want the value typed into the textbox to be displayed in a text field in the rich:modalpanel which pops up on the clicking of the search button.


      How can I solve this problem?


      I am using jsf 1.2 richfaces 3.3.3 jboss eap server


      FORM data:

      <h:outputText value="Search Data"/>

      <h:inputText id="searchField" value="bean.searchField" required="true"/>

      <a4j:commandButton value="search" id="search">

      <rich:componentControl for="richPanel" attachTo="search" operation="show" event="onclick">




      <rich:modalPanel id="rich:panel" >

      <rich:panel header="Search Data">

      <h:outputText value="Search Data"/>

      <h:inputText id="SearchFieldData" value="bean.searchField"/>



      The setter method in the bean is printing the value entered in the textbox on the console. But the getter method is printing a null value when i put a print to console method there to check if the value is recieved there or not.