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    <rich:popupPanel how to control its display position

    ymam Newbie

      using the RichFaces 4.2.0 final, I've some difficulties to display a modalPopup at the right position.


      <rich:popupPanel is displayed down the page, I've tried the same sample  done by Illya in the follwing link: http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/dataTable.jsf?tab=editDataTable&cid=625147


      I've missed tge use of the previous version of RichFaces And I arrived just at  time on the 4.2.0

      1. Is EXADEL continues developping such FrameWork?

      2. I expect to see the <rich:popupPanel displayed on the for that's invoked it. But it's displayed down the form.

      3.modal="true" or modal="false' give the same effect meens we can still click on the rows and see the row data displayed.


      Please have a look the source of the xhtml page and tell me what's wrong with it.