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    Project JSFUnit.NG (not tied to JSF)


      Hi guys,


      many of you already heard about that, since we have discussed it on #jbosstesting.


      but since it starts to be pretty obvious that lot of us are focusing in the same direction,

      let's bring this topic to forums.



      We have identified, that JSFUnit is limited what it can achieve, but mainly

      • JSFUnit Core is independent on Arquillian's Core
      • the client is tightly coupled with server deployment


      Thus we started brain-storming successor of this project, we call it JSFUnit.NG.


      The project goals:

      • decouple server and client runtime
      • allow to transfer test from client to runtime by piggybacking on request
      • allow to test with real browsers (not mocked ones)


      The project intends to integrate with Arquillian Core, Drone and Graphene.


      The project has already started and it is under development.


      I have did proof of concept how it could work:



      There is Wiki with brain-stormed various ideas:






      I identified, what integrations are necessary in Arquillian ecosystem and what technologies will satisfy that:


      1. client's code enrichment (Graphene)
        • page extensions [mostly done]
        • XHR interception [done]
        • JavaScript interceptors [mostly done]
      2. deployment enrichment (Shrinkwrap, Arquillian events)
        • adding Filter + other auxilliary + registering [idea]
        • adding framework specific stuff (JSF listeners) + registering [idea]
      3. Arquillian integration (Arquillian events and core)
        • enrichment [idea]
        • integration tests [idea]


      For Alpha1, I would like to tie this project with JSF,


      but later, we could generalize, decouple and design API for supporting other frameworks,

      both on client-side and server-side.


      I very encourage you to step in now and join our efforts!

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