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    Embedding JBossAS 7.1.x in an Eclipse RCP application

    Stephen Coy Master

      And now for something completely different:


      We have a requirement to deliver our web application as a standalone offline solution. Previously, we had been delivering a custom Eclipse RCP application for this purpose. However maintaining this in step with the webapp has become quite onerous.


      It occurred to me that I should be able to run an embedded version of JBoss in an Eclipse RCP shell, in conjunction with the Eclipse internal browser.


      I've managed to bootstrap a prototype that almost works using the jboss-as-embedded library and friends.


      However, jboss-modules is playing havoc with RCP's XML parsers, as it clobbers the various javax.xml.parsers.* system properties with classes that are inaccessible to the RCP framework.


      I've tried adding jboss-modules.jar to the bootclasspath, but it contains some static initialisers that don't cope with being in the root classloader (Main.class.getClassLoader() returns null).


      Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this, or do I have to fork a separate java process?