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    Facebook Gadget goes to initial paga after some action in a portlet

    Abhishek Kunal Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am facing a very basic problem. What my requirement is to have a facebook gadget on a portal page, and on the same page i will have a portlet also (The urls/actions referenced from this portlet are  Portlet URLs, ie created with PortletURL API). I will browse through the fb gadget, do some commenting/liking/posting , and at the same time i will perform some actions in the portlet, whats happening is when i do some action/browsing, after action is performed the fb gadget is going to its inital state, so all my context is lost. The reason is , after some action/render is performed in a portlet, as part of the render phase for other portlets, gadget markup is being returned from the server and thats why gadget reloads and goes to initial state.



      My question is,


      1. Is it a valid use case?? Can we expect a gadget (not a portlet) to be in the same state regardless of what is happening in other portlets on that page?

      2. If it is, how do we override this behavior with the needed one?



      Please help, i am entangled in this situation


      Many thanks in advance!!