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    Help : how to transfer data from a rich:datatable row to a managed bean after a rowdblclick

    ayoubuntu ayoubutnu Newbie

      Hi every body,


      I was looking a long time ago for somebody who had an experience on richfaces4 components especially in rich:datatable and it's related attributes and events. i'm really disturbed and tired from searching on the internet without any satisfying result.

      Well, I want to get data from a rich:datatable row after it's been clicked twice and send it to a managed bean to display it on another JSF screen (like an screen details).

      Here's the my source code :


      <a4j:jsFunction name="showRowDetails" >

                              <a4j:param name="rowKey" assignTo="#{currencyBean.showRowDetails}" />



      <rich:dataScroller for="table" maxPages="10" renderIfSinglePage="false"/>      

      <rich:dataTable value="#{currencyBean.listeCurrency}" var="carrency" id="table" rows="11" rowClasses="row1,row2" onRowDblClick="showRowDetails({carrency.currency_code})">


                                                        <f:facet name="header">

                                                            <h:outputText>Currency code</h:outputText>


                                                        <h:outputText value="#{carrency.currency_code}"></h:outputText>




                                                        <f:facet name="header">



                                                        <h:outputText value="#{carrency.currency_code_alpha}"></h:outputText>




                                                        <f:facet name="header">



                                                        <h:outputText value="#{carrency.currency_name}"></h:outputText>




      <rich:dataScroller for="table" maxPages="10" />


      Here's my ManagedBean's method "currencyBean.showRowDetails" :


      public String showRowDetails(String codeCurrency)


      currency_tableService = SpringUtil.getCurrencyService();

      try {

      listeCurrency = currency_tableService.searchCurrency_tableService(

      ServiceContextStore.get(), this.getCurrencyTable());

      } catch (Exception e) {




      return "show_row_details";



      When i deploy my projet in tomcat7 server and i run the browser every thing work as expected despite the rowdblclick event which give nothing !!


      I still waiting for ur replies, help me pleaaase Many thanks in advance.