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    jbossts-properties.xml in JBoss6

    Carlos Oliva Novice

      Is there any documentation about configuring the file in JBoss6?  I am slimming down JBoss6 and I am trying to find the analog file to jbossts-properties.xml in JBoss5.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Do you have read the tuning and slimming wiki's?

          What you are looking for?

          JBoss6 is different, maybe deploy/transaction* is the right place.


          But remember JBoss 6 is more or less not longer maintained and there will be nobody work on the AS6 documentation.

          You should use AS7.1.

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            Carlos Oliva Novice

            I was following discussions about slimming JBoss5 for a JBoss that was not clustered and closing ports 4712 and 13.


            We are examining JBoss7 but we run into some conflictwith some of the support classes for our development tool nd JBoss7.  We have one version of JBoss7 installed and running with JDK7 but I had to add the rt.jar froma a prior version of the JDK.