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    Faster test development with arquillian when testing large ear

    joris wijlens Newbie



      Currently I am working on a project that is going on for a while. There is a lot of legacy code and there is a need for the kind of testing that arquillian can provide. I set up a pilot for jboss 4.2 and seam 2 and got it working. Because our project is not built with modularity in mind it is very difficult to create small targeted archives with shrinkwrap, so I decided to pull the whole enterprise archive from the maven repo and deploy it. The problem is that for every time I start a test the ear is deployed and this can take up to one minute this gets me out of my flow. And flow is one the reasons we want replace some of our selenium tests with arquillian based tests because we think we can build in container tests much faster with arquillian.


      Is there a way to do the deployment one time and run my testcase many times afterwards, can I use jrebel or any other technique to speed up my red green refactor cycle?


      Thanks anyway,