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        Drone part is still referring to Ajocado.

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          many thanks for pointing that out. I've brought Drone documentation up-to-date.



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            Ah, thanks for pointing that out. That variable is a hold-out from the alpha days (pre-repository split). Eventually we are going to automate it, but for 1.0.0 those numbers should be fixed to the latest available version...as can be found here: http://arquillian.org/modules


            I'll go through an update the pages accordingly, since I need to review them anyway.


            Nice work on the Seam 2 docs.

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              Dan Allen wrote:


              This also brings me to ask for a review on a few things in the supported injection matrices -

              • @PersistenceContext and @PersistenceUnit are conspicuously not appearing as supported injections even though they may be.
              • Can we explain what @Inject (MC) is? Is it microcontainer? The container for JBoss Reloaded 1.x is the only one supporting this.


              I believe the @Persistence* injections only work through CDI. It's the CDI integration with the container that's providing this support. I mentioned that in the reference guide. So perhaps we can just put a * by it. The same thing happens with the @EJB injection as well. While we have an enricher for it, when CDI is there, it's CDI that is resolving it. (CDI @#$ing rulez).


              I killed the JBoss Reloaded pages and references.


              Ah, thanks for explaining this. I always wondered why there were no Persistence* TestEnrichers, and it appears that we're piggy backing a lot on the provided container support. I'm not even sure we need the other enrichers in JEE 6 containers given that CDI enrichment handles all, but that is a different topic.


              I've noticed that the injection works if the tests run in  a  JEE 6 container (verified with embedded,remote,managed GF 3.1 and remote WLS 12c), but not in an environment where Weld-Servlet is packaged into a SW deployment (WLS 10.3 Remote). I've updated the supported injection matrices for these containers accordingly. I'll come to Tomcat when and if I have time so maybe someone who's used these container adapters heavily can chime in.

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                Hello guys:  I am eagerly following this thread looking forward to a complete 1.0.0.Final release.  I am working on converting a fairly large product's test suite from Ejb3Unit into Arquillian.  This product is very nicely done.  We would not have thought of moving to arquillian had Ejb3Unit been compatible with hibernate4 ( crazy for a test suite supporting JPA).  Unfortunately it is not.  Moreover as we were moving towards a fully JEE6 compliant product it(Ejb3Unit) wouldn't have scaled in supporting all features in the spec.  We have put together a simple framewrk that makes migration from Ejb3Unit to arquillian 'easier'.  At some point I will publish the techniques we are using so that anyone else in the same boat will benefit.  At this point our strategy is to use a recompiled clean version of Ejb3Unit, tht does not package in most of the universe in its jar, and then wire its test constrtucts into an Arquillian base test case (with Junit as the runner).  So far things are looking good. 


                Congratulations on a great effort.  And thank you very much.  This is a milestone product that would change the maintainability and portability of JEE applications.  Well done.


                EDIT:Oops..I see that 1.0.0.Final is in the repos.  Did I miss the announcement while busy beeing with my test conversions!  Just shifted over to 1.0.0.Final (from 1.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT) and tests passed.  All I had to do was to change the arquillian-glassfish-embedded-3.1 dependency to 1.0.0.CR3. Congratulations again.

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                  Thanks for the generous words Boni!


                  I'm interested to hear more about the migration from Ejb3Unit to Arquillian when it's complete (or even before then). I'm glad that you are not only adopting Arquillian, but that you are also adopting the spirit of Arquillian by offering to share the migration framework. If you decide to write about it, we would be glad to post it as a guest blog on arquillian.org or even make it an official guide on arquillian.org. Whatever we can do to help get the information out to the community, and help developers switch to real tests, we're all for it! Cheers!


                  Btw, I'm glad the upgrade to 1.0.0.Final went smoothly. See ya around!

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                    Congratulations to everyone involved in developing and publicizing the Arquillian 1.0.0.Final release!! It was a huge step forward for Arquillian.


                    At last, we can now say that the invasion has officially begun => http://arqullian.org.

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