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    Jbpm Process Deployment

    Mohamed Abuthahir Newbie



      I am started working on Jbpm and I got stucked into jbpm process deployments for the complex process. For an example I want to create an object of type Employee in my script task. But this seems working in my local eclipse since I am having everything in my same project. But while deploying into the server we are just moving the bpmn files alone not the POJO. How to resolve this issue?


      And what is the role that guvnor is exactly playing in jbpm? I know it is for designing a process in web interface and version controlling. But is this used apart from these functionalities?


      Can you please share some documents on jbpm deployments?


      Your help will be greatly appretiated...!




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          Darshan Pandhi Newbie



          I guess you'll have to create a POJO model jar file for your Employee object and upload it into Guvnor along with the bpmn files.

          Inside Guvnor you can find an option "Create New" -> "Upload POJO model jar".


          I hope this solves your doubt.

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            Mohamed Abuthahir Newbie

            Hi Darshan,


            Thanks for your reply. I had already tried in the same way. But that is not working.


            For an example in the attached screen shot I am having my process and my jar file. In my process I want to create an object from the jar file but that is giving error like


            Error importing : 'com.sample.dto.WFStep'


            I was trying to create WFStep in my script task and I am invoking the process from my Java Code.