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How to load partial page content dynamically.

hantsy bai Master

I tried to user ui:included to load content in my new Seam3 application dynamically, but it did not work as my seam 2 application.


The following steps were expected.



1. click a link.


<h:commandLink value="Company Search">
        <f:ajax render=":form:contentPane" execute="@this"  listener="{ set the content view }/>


2.fire a navigation event and obseve the event.



navEvent.fire(new NavigationEvent(



public void onViewChanged(
            @Observes(during = TransactionPhase.BEFORE_COMPLETION, notifyObserver = Reception.IF_EXISTS) NavigationEvent e) {
        if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
            log.debug(" view changed...@" + e);

        if (e.getMainView() != null) {

        if (e.getSidebarView() != null) {



3. rerender the content



<h:panelGroup id="contentPane" layout="block" styleClass="ch-box">
                        <ui:insert name="pageTitle" />

                    <ui:include src="#{nav.contentView}" />


The third step is problematic here....the rendering is delayed, when the event had been fired, it still kept in the original page, when I refreshed the page manully, it will load the page correctly.


Where is wrong in these steps?


I have used this mode in my seam2 application, and I think every Seam 2 developer should remember the RichFaces Photoalbum application, it also used the Seam2 events.



BTW: My development envoirment, JBoss 7.0.1(Majarro 2.0.2, Weld 1.1.5), JDK 7.


Any suggestions here?