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Micro-release strategy issues

Lukáš Fryč Master

We were discussing branching model for 4.2.1 release on the meeting 2012-04-17.


The problem is release/4.2.1.Final branch was opened to handle long-term work on that branch.


Along the way, we have setup continuous integration for this branch.


Finally, we have changed versions on this branch from 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT to 4.2.1.Final.




We have implemented this model since we identified the originally designed workflow won't work since it would require a lot of cherry-picking (develop on branch and cherry-pick to release-minor branch).




But it brought some issues:


  • when switched version, Jenkins started to release bits into staging repository
    • that's not problem, since these staging repos were unmaintained, they were cleared automatically
  • the branch was integrated into develop after finishing release/4.2.1.Final branch
    • having lot of changes in release/4.2.1.Final outside of develop
  • one commit was missed when releasing, which was found when finishing branch (after release)
    • which was caused by abusing release branch to actual development
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    Lukáš Fryč Master

    As we have discussed, the origianl Git Flow didn't run into this problem, since it was designed for short-running hotfix releases instead of long-running development on branch divergred from tag.




    To fix this, I would suggest following strategy in next minor release:


    • opening
      • open the develop/4.2.1.Final branch from 4.2.1.CR1 tag
      • switch the version to 4.2.1.Final-SNAPSHOT (to distinguish bits in continuous integration)
    • development
      • sprint on develop/4.2.1.Final branch
    • release
      • open the release/4.2.1.Final branch
      • switch version to 4.2.1.Final
      • integrate develop/4.2.1.Final to develop
      • continue with release as usual
    • continue with develop (having changes from develop/4.2.1.Final)
      • could be even parallel to release