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    Configuring JBoss server address

    king_pin Newbie

      Hi,I have to instal this software: MyWMS for a school project.

      It runs on a JBoss server, and it has everything u need for windows packed in the first instalation file.


      It has a server and a client and when I start them on 1 PC everything works fine.

      I want to start the server on one PC and use another to login, but I cant find how to tell the client where to look for the server.

      I've checked files in the client directory, but couldnt find the place where u specify the servers IP and port.



      Can anyone please help. It has taken me days to figure it with no success and for someone with knowledge on JAVA it will probably take 10 minutes and I have to be ready soon so that students to use it.

      (sorry if this wanst the right section for my post)

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          This is not related to JBoss.


          But I've a quick look into it but did not find such config.

          You should visit the MyWMS documentation and if you did not find an answer there is a mail address at the page info@linogistix.com where you can ask.

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            king_pin Newbie

            Thank you for your answer.

            I couldnt find anything in the documentation I wrote the same question to info@linogistix.com but I didn't get an answer.
            So far no one is wiling to help and I bet it is something relatevly simple.
            I found out that the client is seraching for the server at (localhost), because when I use the -b key to start jboss, che client cant find it.

            Can I trick it somehow from the hosts file in System32 to redirect it?


            One lead that I found in the document is this:


            Modules of the LOS Rich Client:

            LOS Common

            Login functionality, connection to the server application through JNDI lookup and remote method invocation, generic object browser

            However I can't understand how this works.

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              Tan Mariani Newbie

              why don't you try -b ipaddress ?


              It will bind your jboss server to ipaddress

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                Stephen Coy Master

                Using -b on your server was the correct thing to do.


                However, on your client PC, you need to point it at the server's address. Therefore, on your server use the ipconfig command to discover it's network address and use this value on the client instead of or localhost.


       (aka localhost) is a special network address private to every computer which basically references itself. You should not touch the hosts file and attempt to change this because it will break many things.

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                  king_pin Newbie

                  Thank you for your answer. Thant is exactly what im trying to do, but I cant find where to change the to my server IP which is and one other thing shouldn't I point the port too because Jboss is accessable at


                  Here is a link with only the client in a .rar filе. If anyone can tell me in which file I should change I will be extremely gratefull (I can offer a few Bitcoins in gratitude).



                  The whole program is called myWms and can be found here:


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                    Tan Mariani Newbie

                    I dont really understand what you mean....


                    As far as I know you can bind jboss to ip address in 3 ways : (I assume you use standalone)


                    1. run standalone with parameter -b ipadress

                    ./standalone.sh -b


                    2. change your standalone.xml


                        <interface name="management">

                            <!--<inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address.management:}"/>-->

                            <inet-address value=""/>


                        <interface name="public">

                            <!--<inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address:}"/>-->

                            <inet-address value=""/>



                    but this way is not to recommended


                    3. add following lines in the configuration file in bin/standalone.conf property file

                    JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djboss.bind.address.management="

                    JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djboss.bind.address="




                    When you run standalone, there should be a line like the following on the console. What IP address is given on your output?


                    07:24:53,491 INFO  [org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol] (MSC service thread 1-2) Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http--



                    Hope this can help you....

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                      Stephen Coy Master

                      This is just an educated guess, but have a look in




                      Change the localhost in that file to Don't worry about the port as it seems to be using RMI.

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                        king_pin Newbie

                        Finally, dudes you are GOLD! (Stephen Coy and Tan Mariani)
                        It is a combination of both your answers, I tryed changing the IP in the jndi.properties file a week ago but it didnt work, because I was starting the server with -b

                        Now when Stephen Coy pointed me in that same direction again I started experimenting and when I tryed Tan Mariani 's idea of starting the server with -b it worked.

                        And you were right I shouldn't have cared about the port.


                        Now I don'y know to who should I give the corect answer, I'll leave that up to you!

                        Thank you dudes, you saved me tons of headaches.

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                          Stephen Coy Master

                          Using -b should still work. This means "listen on all available network interfaces". But don't put this in your client, because it's not a real address - you still need to put there.

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                            king_pin Newbie

                            I tryed a couple of times with -b It should work but it dowsn't.
                            Can I ask you another question, how do I hide the Jboss server from where it is runing cause now anyone can view it there, or even make changes idk.

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                              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

                              I don't understant why -b isn't working. If you start the server with this option check whether you can access via browser from a different machine with it should work.


                              If you start with the -b option you do not need to hide JBoss, the 8080 port is only for applications deployed on JBoss and your app is using RMI only right?

                              So you can't access the application via 8080.

                              The management http interface is available on port 9990 but as you don't change the interface (-bmanagement x.x.x.x) it should run on localhost and not accessible for others.


                              If you don't want the port 8080 opened you might remove all services listen on that port from your standalone.xml, but this is only possible if you do not need the http access.



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                                Stephen Coy Master

                                Actually, if he's followed the installation instructions, then he will be using JBoss 4.2.3.


                                I can't remember if that version actually supported the -b syntax.

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                                  Peter Johnson Master

                                  The -b options works from 3.2.x up through 6.1.x. What we need to see is the console out, starting from the run command that was entered, to better determine what is going on. Also, what operating system are you ruinning on (my colleagues in the mainframe department had some issues with -b not binding correctly, thought I don't recall the exact details)

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                                    king_pin Newbie

                                    I'm sorry for the late answer.


                                    I am testing it on my PC so im using Windows7 64bit.


                                    But wheather im using -b or -b doesn't really matter to me, I leave that yo tou JBOSS gurus I'm happy that now everything is working and hopefully the students will be able to use it next semester.


                                    My only worry is security, our network is not accessable from the outside, but I still want to hide the JBOSS server from port 8080 оr any other port. Isn't there a way to set JBOSS so you can't access the contents visible on 8080 unless u have some pass and a user.


                                    Thank you.