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New Conversation, old values

Juan Ignacio Garzon Newbie

Hi, I have a conversation-scoped managed bean called pfManager and after a call to a method annotated with @End an action button is actioned (by the user) that redirects me according to this navigation rule:


<rule if-outcome="beginPF">
                <begin-conversation pageflow="beginPF" nested="true"/>


beginPF is a pageflow defined using JPDL, that redirects me to a page "startPF.xhtml" when it starts.


The fact is, that in that page "startPF.xhtml" I can see all my old-data, I mean data from the last pageflow that should end after calling the @End annotated method... al this data comes from the pfManager bean, so I'm suspecting something is wrong with my conversation propagation.



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    Tim Evers Master

    It's been a while since I've spent time in the Seam layer in our app so, I could be way off base here but....


    It is my understanding that @End only marks the conversation as no longer a long running conversation and the actual converstation wont end until the end of that request/response operation. (Ah, I just read some doco and this does appear to be true). Take a read of http://docs.jboss.org/seam/2.2.2.Final/reference/en-US/html/annotations.html specifically the @End/@Begin annotations.


    You might want to try @End(beforeRedirect=true). This may achieve what you are looking for but, that really depends on what else you are doing in this navigation.


    Hope this helps.


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