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    jBPM sendTask and ReceiveTask

    pushpak1981 Novice



      I am a new to jBPM5. I wanted to know how we can use send and Receive Task in our BPMN file. In the examples it is uses SendTaskHandler.java which only print the message to console and in case of Receive task its ReceiveTaskHandler.


      Is this equivalent to some thing like JMS where a message is send from sendtask and received and receive task. I am not able to configure a send task and receive task inside a single process.



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          Kishore Jaladi Newbie

          Hi pushpak1981,

          Have you got any further with this question? I am looking for something similar. There is not much documentation on send task and receive task .. and how they can be used. Are you able to find any examples on those, exccept for the ones that just does system.out.printlns?

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            Maciej Swiderski Master

            Send and receive tasks are implemented as work items so they must have corresponding work item handler. These handlers that you refer to are just for demonstration purpose as sending and receiving message are transport dependent. Due to that currently there are no out of the box handlers for them yet.



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              Kishore Jaladi Newbie


              Does that mean all the BPMN2 Task Activities/elements - Task, Service Task, User Task, Business Rule Task, Manual Task, Send Task, Receive Task etc.- that JBPM5's documentation says it supports technically all equivalent to Task activity/element?...where we have a WorkItemHandler and the implementer have to take care of the core behavior of the task type (like asynchronous message sending, receiving etc.)? I mean, is there a different in using task element versus sendTask or receiveTask element in the BPMN file for sending and receiving messages? Is there any documentation on what each of these tasks mean and how they are different?

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                Maciej Swiderski Master

                Idea is to allow flexible configuration to have a choice of what you would like to use if it comes to various types of activities. Not all of them are work items and abstract task is considered as extension point for domain specific services. jBPM will provide more and more work item handlers that could make your choice easier by just selecting one instead of implementing but that takes time and contribution is always welcome


                For documentation about them take a look at jBPM docs and BPMN2 spec.