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    jBPM 5.2 basic understanding--please confirm

    Ellie Arro Newbie


      I am an absolute newbie to jBPM. Have not used Drools or Guvnor either. I am trying to figure out how the various components fit in together


      1. Define the process in eclipse or designer in BPMN 2.0 format. This should create a .bpmn file.

      2. The .bpmn file has to be stored in a guvnor repository.

      3. In the JEE application, use the CORE API to load and manage the process instantiation and execution.

      4. The jBPM console can be used to administer the process.



      1. Am I missing something here?

      2. Which is recommended for process design between the eclipse plugin and designer?


      Thanks in advance for the help.