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    NetBeans 7.1 + Seam 3.1.0

    Bruno Toffolo Newbie

      Hey buddies, how are you?


      I have been trying to configure NetBeans 7.1 to work with Seam under Windows 7 x64.

      Recently I have searched for discussions in this forum and found some unhelpful ones (like this one). Googling it I could find some resources and many broken links (such as this seam-gen plugin and this facelets plugin) accompanied by some unsuccessful tutorials (including an official NetBeans tutorial non-official references like this one and even this PT-BR one).


      Many of them were conceived using Seam 2.2 and pretty old versions of NetBeans (like 6.0 or 6.5). I know much has changed since they were published, and as Seam 3 provides independent libraries for each module, packaged in a bundled distribution, I am having some issues integrating it with NetBeans.


      My only current needs are that Seam version is 3 (preferrably 3.1.0) and NetBeans version needs to be recent (like 7.0 or 7.1). I don't have any limitations regarding the server (I could perfectly adopt JBoss AS, but Glassfish would be nicer).


      Can anyone help me on how to integrate NetBeans and Seam 3?

      Nothing I tried until now was worth a shot. =(


      Thanks in advance!

      Have a great week,