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Juergen Zimmermann Master

Are there any plans to support @RolesAllowed for CDI-managed Beans -- either in the CDI standard or in the Weld product?

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    Ales Justin Master

    Support in in what way?

    Weld is biz logic agnostic, pure CDI impl.

    Imo, what you're looking for is DeltaSpike.

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    Juergen Zimmermann Master

    IMHO, when I'm using @RolesAllowed (JSR 250) for a managed bean having annotations due to CDI 1.0, then @RolesAllowed isn't applied to check authorization. However, using @RolesAllowed for a session bean (EJB 3.x), then authorization is checked. Therefore, my question is whether @RolesAllowed will be considered in CDI 1.1 (or Weld 2.x).

    I guess DeltaSpike will provide a security mechanism similiar to Seam Security.