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    How can i use switchyard camel with activemq?

    alex liu Newbie

      I get confused in  switchyard camel ,Mq in default is hornetQ,But I am interesting in how to use activemq with camel

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          Daniel Bevenius Master



          I've not had time to try this out yet, but in theory you should be able to use a CDI to specify a method that creates an ActiveMQComponent:


          import javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped;
          import javax.enterprise.inject.Produces;
          import javax.inject.Named;
          import org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory;
          import org.apache.activemq.camel.component.ActiveMQComponent;
          public class ActiveMQComponentFactory {
              @Produces @Named ("activemq")
              public ActiveMQComponent createActiveMQComponent() {
                  final ActiveMQComponent ac = new ActiveMQComponent();
                  final ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory();
                  return ac;


          In SwitchYard CDI components are available to Camel's registry so you can specify 'activemq' in the uri as shown below:

          <camel:binding.camel configURI="activemq://TestQueue"/>






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            Keith Babo Master

            In addition to what Dan posted, you will also need to add the activemq camel component and dependencies as modules in the AS7 distribution.


            I would be interested in hearing about how this turns out, so please post back with questions/results if you decide to try it yourself.  If not, we'll probably get around crafting an example sooner or later.