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    Infinispan tcpping or tcpgossip configuration

    Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

      Hi, in JBoss AS7, where all the configuration is done in standalone.xml or domain.xml, does anyone have any idea how to configure Infinispan to use TCP transport protocol using TCPPING and/or TCPGOSSIP.  I have examples of this working in standalone programs, but am having a very difficult time converting the configuration to work in JBoss. 


      For example, what would be the equivalent configuration to


         <TCPPING timeout="3000"









         <TCPGOSSIP timeout="3000" initial_hosts="localhost[5555]" num_initial_members="3"/>


      Among other things, I tried adding a socket-binding like below, to no avail


      <socket-binding name="jgroups-tcpping" port="7800" interface="coordinator"/>


      <interface name="coordinator">

           <inet-address value=""/>



      thanks, Mitchell