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Hot deploy of modules?

Luciano Molinari Newbie

Hi guys,


Is it possible to hot deploy modules on JBoss 7?

I mean copy the .jar file to JBOSS_HOME/modules/path-jar along with its module.xml and define it as a global-module inside urn:jboss:domain:ee:1.0 subsystem.




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    Borisa Zivkovic Newbie

    I have the same question.


    Now I see that we have to restart JBoss to add new module (or change existing one). I also tried to find CLI for redeployment/refreshing of modules but can not find it.


    Anyone knows if this is possible or we have to restart JBoss instance for changes to be picked up?




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    jaikiran pai Master

    Adding a new module shouldn't require a server restart. How are you adding the new module and are you running into an issue if you don't restart the server?

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    Borisa Zivkovic Newbie

    Hi Jaikiran,


    you are right. Adding new module works fine without restart. What confused me is that I could not find CLI command for this. Is there one?


    Also, is it possible to refresh/update existing module without restarting JBoss instance?




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    Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

    Modules can not managed with the server admin interface (CLI, web console ...).


    I'm not sure, but the only posibility to reload a module is to stop all deployments which use this module, only in this case the module can be unloaded.

    But therefore the modul version can be used, you add a new version of this module and deploy an updated application which depends aón that version.