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    Consuming complex results from webservice




      I'm using Wise 1.1 inside a JSF application in order to invoke several web services in a dynamic way and I've got a problem invoking one of these services.


      The problematic service returns a list of Strings (an array of Strings) as result. This result is mapped to an 'ArrayOfString' class -as defined in my WSDL file- built and compiled in a dynamic way by Wise. And my question is: How can I use this class in runtime after an invocation of the web service? I need this in order to consume correctly the results of the service.


      Everytime I invoke this service, all I get as result (inside InvocationResult object) is a reference to an ArrayOfString object. Due to the fact that this class is compiled by Wise, I'm not able to acces to the corresponding methods of the class. I've tried Java reflection but I've got no success. Have you faced a similar problem before? Do you know a fix for this?


      Thanks in advance.